The mystery behind the Power & History of Rudraksha

The word ‘Rudraksha’ originates from the Sanskrit Word. It is the combination of two words, Rudra and Aksha, symbolizing the teardrops of Lord Shiva. History of Rudraksha and legends has it that these Lord Shiva’s teardrops fell on the earth in the form of this Rudraksha Plant. Thus it began the fame of these beads.




There are many tales in Hindu Mythology regarding Rudraksha. Many such references of these beads have been found in our Vedic Scriptures and Hindu mythology of Padma Purana, Shiva Purana, and Shrimad Bhagavatam. It is said to be Lord Shiva’s favorite bead, but more recently even scientific researchers have proved the spiritual power of rudraksha which has electromagnetic properties influencing human psychology.




Benefits of Rudraksha Beads


Each has its own properties. These beads due to their powerful and spiritual healing properties are advised to be worn to obtain the benefic results and are also helpful in curing diseases like controlling stress, epilepsy, blood pressure, hypertension, wounds, and whooping cough. It not only pleases Lord Shiva but also helps in obtaining the blessing of Lord Ganesh, Vishnu, Goddess Durga, and Lord of the Navagrahas, the nine planets.


Now let’s look into how many types are there and their significance. It is said that rudraksha can cure diseases also.


#1 One-faced Rudraksha: One faced Rudraksha is said to be ruled by Sun, or namely Surya. It controls all the malefic effects of the Sun and said to cure diseases related to the head, eye, ear, bones, and bowels. Psychologically, even the charisma, confidence, prosperity, and leadership qualities of the person are said to be increases as Sun gets pleased with the wearer.


#2 Two-faced Rudraksha: The ruling planet of these Rudraksha is Moon. These Do-Mukhi beads effectively control the malefic effects and help in curing the diseases of eye, intestines, kidneys, etc. It also helps in creating and developing emotional harmony in your relationships. Since Moon is the ruling planet, it helps in greatly controlling and influencing negative traits like frustration, anger, and lack of concentration.


#3 Three-faced Rudraksha: These three faced rudraksha is ruled by Mars, and thus helps in curing malefic effects of blood pressure, blood disease, disturbed menstrual cycle, weakness, kidneys, etc. Negativity, Depression, inferiority complexes, or guilty feelings about oneself can be reduced by wearing this kind of bead.


#4 Four-faced Rudraksha: These four-faced beads are ruled by Mercury, representing Goddess Brahma and Saraswati. It helps in curing and controlling epilepsy, loss of memory, and controls mental stress.


#5 Five-faced Rudraksha: The ruling planet of this kind is Jupiter. Wearing this will help in attaining success in all spheres of life and also gaining wealth, knowledge, fame, and power. It also helps in curing diseases related to the lungs, heart, and blood.


#6 Six-faced Rudraksha: Venus is the ruling planet of this type of Rudraksha. Venus is said to govern throat, valor, love, relationship, music, etc. This bead also helps in enriching career path and in achieving immense academic and professional success. The wearer could be benefited by leading a luxurious life. It also helps women in controlling diseases like mental illnesses such as Hysteria.


#7 Seven-faced Rudraksha: Saturn is the ruling planet, the all-powerful Shani Bhagwan. When worn, it reduces the malefic Shani effects and diseases connected to Saturn, such as cold, impotence, hopelessness, obstructions, delay, scarcity, chronic disease, etc. This seven faced bead helps in building wealth and finances. It also helps in obtaining peace of mind and is considered to be very auspicious because it helps in getting rid of fatal diseases like death.


#8 Eight-faced Rudraksha: Eight Faced Rudraksha ruling planet is Rahu for these eight faced bead, and hence it’s beneficial in sublimating the malefic effects. The malefic effects are very similar to that of Saturn, or Shani. Wearing this bead turns and increases the character and mental strength. It also helps in achieving fame, happiness, increases confidence, and good health.


#9 Nine-faced Rudraksha: Wearing Nine Faced Rudraksha will help in controlling the malefic effects of Ketu. The side effects can cause lack of energy, mental fatigue, failures, etc. This can help in the achievement of great property, wealth, assets, and lead a luxurious life by fulfilling all your dreams and ambitions. All these are attainable by making you more action-oriented and energetic.




It is by now no doubt that the power of Rudraksha is impeccable. Rudraksha is the most awesome and powerful bead ever. This bead not only helps in diminishing your planetary effects but also helps in achieving all we want in life - a healthy body and luxurious life, which many of us have always dreamed of.


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