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Welcome to the dazzling world of gems, precious stones, and magnificent jewelry. 49jewels has come a long way along with much effort to satisfy its clients and to come up with new and unique designs to suit the occasion as well as the clients. 49jewels was born in the year 2019 and has successfully stepped this year. 49jewels 's increasing clientele is proof of the eminence and its gradual growth. Ornaments and jewelry have been a part of our culture since ancient days. Jewelry is a part and parcel of a regular household and when it comes to some religious or social occasions in India Jewelry is a must. 49jewels is a one-stop shop of jewelry for all occasions. We at 49jewels provide jewelry for every occasion starting from the birth of a child to marriage; jewelry is an essential item for both these occasions. We also provide custom-made/made-to-order creations as per the requirement of our customers. Now our customers can also log on to our website and go through the variety of items and designs produced by us and can place orders online directly, with the required design details and specifications. We also specialize in precious astrological stones and gems. We provide natural, genuine, tested, and Certified stones of all kinds and requirements.

The types of Jewelry we provide

Apart from the traditional Gold, Artificial Diamond Jewelry, we make Precious and Semi-Precious Jewelry, Funky Jewelry, Artificial Diamond Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry, Pearl Jewelry, Bridal Jewelry, Trilogy Engagement Rings, Kundan Jewelry, Solitaire Rings, Artificial Diamond Eternity Rings, and store your items safely- jewelry box specially handcrafted and uniquely designed.


Handcrafted and unique jewelry range for every occasion especially for you, Vintage Jewelry, Gents Jewelry, Body Jewelry, Snake Jewelry, and white gold engagement rings

The Astrological Gems and Stones we provide are of genuine quality and tested by the related authority. The types of stone we provide are as given; along with their requirement for your basic knowledge, why the stones are essential.

The jewelry we make is of genuine quality and is of ingenious design. They are specially handcrafted as per the requirement of the customers. We make contemporary dangle earrings for the ladies alongside vintage designs. According to the requirement, we even mix and redesign the contemporary with the vintage design giving the redesigned ornament a new look, which is unwatchable. Antique-looking body jewelry for stylish ladies, and teenage rings for young girls to wear for marriage occasions. We do not neglect the gents; we have a huge array of ornaments for the gents and also for all occasions starting from rings, bracelets, cuff links, broach, tie-pins, and many more. We have all kinds of varieties of the mentioned ornaments in gold, Artificial diamonds, etc. latest and new-look bridal jewelry; this is the occasion when each and every member of the family wants to look fabulous, including the bride and the groom. And we try to satisfy everybody with the items which we provide, so nobody in the family is unhappy. Last but not the least; the engagement rings, have major importance because they will be worn lifelong by the partners so they are made with as much care as possible.

You name it and we have it for you at 49jewels We are committed to providing high-quality products at reasonable prices. Our customer service is also acclaimed among our present clients. You are welcome to come up with any possible solutions; we will do our level best to help you.

The online service started by us is very much secure. You just have to provide us with some pictures or just a couple of sketches and some guidelines. We reproduce any design submitted to us. So,