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20 Feb Types & Significance Of Rudraksha You Need To Know
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Mystery behind the Power & History of RudrakshaThe word ‘Rudraksha’ originates from the Sanskrit Word. It is the combination of two words, Rudra and Aksha, symbolizing the teardrops of Lord Shiva. History of Rudraksha and legends has it that these Lord Shiva’s teardrops fell on the earth in the form of this Rudraksha Plant. Thus it began the fa..
20 Feb What Are Rudraksha Beads | Types Of Rudraksha and Benefits
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8 Scientific Health Benefits Of RudrakshaRudraksha is a seed of the Elaeocarpus ganitrus tree, and it not only plays a significant role in a spiritual seeker's life, but it has proven scientific benefits of wearing this bead. Here in this blog, we will unveil the history of Rudraksha, its legends and the top 8 proven scientific benefits of wearin..
05 Feb Ruby Gemstone
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Ruby Gemstone Facts, Color, Cost, Astrological BenefitsRuby gemstone is for the Sun that is the ruler of all the other planets. Thus the importance of #ruby stone in achieving the power of command, leadership quality, grand lifestyle, spirituality is unparalleled.History of Ruby GemstoneThe ruby gemstone history dates back in ancient times...
27 Dec What is the Original BIS Hallmark?
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Hardly anyone buys gold in a casual impulse these days, considering the soaring prices of the gold jewelry, and the high making charges that different jewelry showrooms charge. Considering the value of gold, loans are also given against gold jewelry, and it has become a widely common practice these days as it ensures fast arrival of cash during a..
17 Dec Indian Wedding Jewellery
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Indian wedding without heavy gold jewelry is unthinkable; the bride is expected to be decked in heavy gold and precious stone jewelry – trusted jewelry that has been the tradition for who knows how long. Even the Mahabharata and Ramayana mentions bridal jewelry – indeed, Sita’s jewelry is one of the pivotal points of the great epic. The problem b..
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