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To cancel the purchase of an item from, please follow the below given easy steps.

Scroll down the page, and you will see the option Return under Customer service.

Click on Return and a page with a form will open.

Fill up the form and click on continue.

Coupon Code

Select product and Add to Cart / Buy now.

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You will not.

You need to be an expert and use specialized equipment to make sure a gem is real. If the gem is accompanied by a certificate, you will know it is real and if it is treated artificially or not.

Buying with a certificate from a recognized authority such as the.


GIA (Gemological Institute of America)

IGI (International Gemological Institute)

EGL (European Gemological Laboratory)

SGL (Solitaire Gemmological Laboratories)

GIL (Gemological Identification Laboratory)

means that your gem and jewelry has the credentials to be recognized worldwide as valuable item. Resale values of gems drop drastically when unaccompanied by a certificate. Also, a certificate makes you sure about the authenticity and purity of your gems or metals like gold, silver, etc. If you want to check the authenticity of the certificates then please click on the highlighted sections of the answer above, i.e. the laboratory names.

1. Facet: any of the flat "sides" of the gem.

2. Table: On a brilliant-cut stone...the top octagonal facet.

3. Girdle: The typically frosty white ring at the widest part.

4. Cutlet: The bottom point (actually facet) on a brilliant-cut stone.

5. Pavilion: The portion of the stone below the girdle.

6. Crown: The portion of the stone above the girdle.

7. Diameter: Width of the gem as measured thru the girdle.

8. Fire: The quality of the gem that breaks reflected light into a colorful array.

9. Depth: Height of Gemstone from Cutlet to Table.

10. Brilliance: The quality of the gem that reflects light without changing it (also called sparkle).

11. Fluorescence: The characteristic of some gems is to fluoresce certain colors under some light.

12. Natural: Usually found on the girdle. A small section was on the side of the raw gem. It appears as a slightly rough flat spot on the girdle.

13. Feather: A “crack” is a gem, that appears as a white feather within the stone.

We have given here the example of the gemstone. However, the same rule applies to all our products. As in the price will increase the same way when you enter the specifications like measurements, weight, etc.

1. Click on the gemstone that you want to buy.

2. When the page appears you will see the minimum price of the gemstone given.

3. After you enter the weight the price increases as per the weight of the gemstone.

4. For example: Suppose you select Gomed. As you enter the page the minimum price that has been quoted is Rs. 600. Now when you mention your desired weight suppose let’s say 4 carats, you will see beside the weight within brackets there is given +300, which means that the minimum weight of Gomed Rs. 600 + Rs 300 for the additional weight that you quoted.

Gift Voucher

To buy a Gift voucher:

Go down the home page and click on Gift Voucher under the Extras.

A page will open with a form Fill up the form with accurate details especially while giving the recipient.

Enter the amount and click on continue.

The gift voucher will be emailed to the recipient. introduces its new gift voucher service. A gift voucher is something that you can present to your near and dear ones, as a token of your affection. A gift voucher is like a money certificate that when you gift someone, he/she can use while buying products from our online jewelry site by just entering the voucher code while purchasing.


Select the Gemstone of your choice and click Add to Cart / Buy Now.

Now go down the page and click on Add This Gemstone.

Options will appear under the box showing Gold and Silver Pendant and ring mounts.

Click on the one you want to buy for your gemstone, a separate box will open containing the details.

Complete the buying procedure by making the payment and checkout.

To get your ring size click on the mentioned in this sentence, it has been made bold for your convenience. After downloading the .pdf file, get a printout of the document. Take any existing ring of yours and put it on the size circles made on the paper, the one that matches is your ring size. After getting your ring size do mail it to [email protected] with your order reference id, and we will make the ring as per your size.

Ring Size Chart Guide

Ring Size Chart Guide

Conversion Chart For Ring Sizes
Inside DiameterInside CircumferenceSizes
(Inches)(Millimeters)(Inches)(Millimeters)IndiaUS, Canada and MexicoUK, Ireland, Australia and New ZealandChina, Japan and South AmericaItaly, Spain, Netherlands and Switzerland
0.45811.631.4436.5 0   
0.46611.841.4637.2 ¼   
0.47412.041.4937.8 ½A  
0.48212.241.5138.5 ¾  
0.4912.451.5439.1 1B1 
0.50612.851.5940.4 C 0.5
0.51413.061.61411 1
0.5313.461.6742.3  2.25
0.54613.871.7243.64 3.5
0.55414.071.7444.2 3F44.25
0.5714.481.7945.5 G 5.5
0.58614.881.8446.8 4H76.75
0.59415.091.8747.47 7.5
0.6115.491.9248.79J 8.75
0.61815.71.9449.3 599.25
0.62615.91.975010K 10
0.63416.11.9950.6 1010.5
0.64216.312.0251.211L 11.25
0.65816.712.0752.5 M1212.5
0.67417.122.1253.8 N 13.75
0.6917.532.1755.115O 15
0.69817.732.1955.7 1515.75
0.70617.932.2256.316P 16.25
0.72218.342.2757.6 Q 17.5
0.73818.752.3258.919R 19
0.74618.952.3459.5 91819.5
0.75419.152.3760.220S 20.25
0.7719.562.4261.4 T 21.5
0.79420.172.4963.4 10½2223.25
0.80220.372.52642410¾V 24
0.81820.782.5765.3 11¼W 25.25
0.83421.182.6266.6 11¾X 26.5
0.8521.592.6767.82812¼Y 27.75
0.85821.792.768.5 12½Z2628.5
0.866222.7269.12912¾ 29
0.87422.22.7569.73013 2729.75
0.88222.42.7770.4 13¼Z1 30.5
0.8922.612.8713113½  31
0.89822.812.8271.73213¾Z2 31.75
0.90623.012.8572.3 14Z3 32.25
0.91423.222.8772.93314¼  33
0.92223.422.973.6 14½Z4 33.5
0.9323.622.9274.23414¾  34.25
0.93823.832.9574.83515  34.75
0.94624.032.9775.5 15¼  35.5
0.95424.23376.13615½  36.25
0.96224.433.0276.8 15¾  36.75
0.9724.643.0577.43716  37.5

Your jewelry can be kept looking new if you follow a few simple guidelines: Avoid contact with bleach, soap, perfume, cosmetics, hairsprays, etc. Also, take your jewelry off at night and store it in a jewelry box with compartments that keep pieces from rubbing against each other.

18 Karat gold is more pure, meaning it contains a higher percentage of gold. Pure gold is 24-Karat (24K), 18-Karat gold is 75% pure, and so on.


Percentage of Pure Gold

Fineness (BIS Hallmark)




We accept international orders at our website, as we have valued customers from all over the world, who regularly visit our website. To cater to our customers all over the world we have introduced our overseas order and delivery facility. We are happy to let you know that you can buy jewelry and gemstones from any corner of the world from our website. We will deliver it to your doorstep no matter wherever you are.

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Any refund due by will be made in the following manner

Razorpay (Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking): Your credit card account will be re-credited with the refund amount. You will get the amount in your account within fifteen (15) business days after you have informed us that you want your purchase to be canceled and the money to be refunded.

PayU (Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking, and Wallet): Your credit card account will be re-credited with the refund amount. You will get the amount in your account within fifteen (15) business days after you have informed us that you want your purchase to be canceled and the money to be refunded.

Cash On Delivery: COD payment Refund up to 20 Days. (Must be Provided Bank Details)



Returning an item that you have purchased from is very easy. Just follow the steps given below.

Move down the page, and you will see the option Customer Pleasure.

Click on returns and a page with a form will open.

Fill up the form and click on continue.

Please make sure that you submit the form for the return of your purchase within 7 (seven) days from the date of delivery.