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Earrings are the most common and much needed every day accessory in a woman’s jewelry box, because no matter what you wear without a pair of earrings you dress looks incomplete. We at present to you an earring collection that has ever known style and comes in gold, Gemstone, American Diamond and pearls.

We make sure that every piece is unique

Experimenting with modern jewelry is a crucial part of fashion these days. But selecting the best ones from the market is equally important. Needless to say that Bluecarats has actually been able to surpass all the odds and have come up with the most unique and fashionable jewelry available online. The 18K gold hoop earrings are a stunner that has captivated the market with their style and boldness. We have an exquisite collection of gold designer earrings for girls which are extremely chic and dashing. Our designers have worked their work to make it to the forefront of the jewelry industry. With the unique designs, and the scintillating appearance of the pearl stud earrings no one can lay their eyes off them.

Jazz up your attire with gorgeous stud earrings, CZ diamond stud earrings, gold hoop earrings, chandelier earrings, diamond dangle earrings, gold earrings, and pearl drop earrings. Get gold diamond earrings at


Select the Gemstone of your choice and click Add to Cart / Buy Now.

Now go down the page and click on Add This Gemstone.

Options will appear under the box showing Gold and Silver Pendant and ring mounts.

Click on the one you want to buy for your gemstone, a separate box will open containing the details.

Complete the buying procedure by making the payment and checkout.

To get your ring size click on the mentioned in this sentence, it has been made bold for your convenience. After downloading the .pdf file, get a printout of the document. Take any existing ring of yours and put it on the size circles made on the paper, the one that matches is your ring size. After getting your ring size do mail it to [email protected] with your order reference id, and we will make the ring as per your size.

Ring Size Chart Guide

Ring Size Chart Guide

Conversion Chart For Ring Sizes
Inside DiameterInside CircumferenceSizes
(Inches)(Millimeters)(Inches)(Millimeters)IndiaUS, Canada and MexicoUK, Ireland, Australia and New ZealandChina, Japan and South AmericaItaly, Spain, Netherlands and Switzerland
0.45811.631.4436.5 0   
0.46611.841.4637.2 ¼   
0.47412.041.4937.8 ½A  
0.48212.241.5138.5 ¾  
0.4912.451.5439.1 1B1 
0.50612.851.5940.4 C 0.5
0.51413.061.61411 1
0.5313.461.6742.3  2.25
0.54613.871.7243.64 3.5
0.55414.071.7444.2 3F44.25
0.5714.481.7945.5 G 5.5
0.58614.881.8446.8 4H76.75
0.59415.091.8747.47 7.5
0.6115.491.9248.79J 8.75
0.61815.71.9449.3 599.25
0.62615.91.975010K 10
0.63416.11.9950.6 1010.5
0.64216.312.0251.211L 11.25
0.65816.712.0752.5 M1212.5
0.67417.122.1253.8 N 13.75
0.6917.532.1755.115O 15
0.69817.732.1955.7 1515.75
0.70617.932.2256.316P 16.25
0.72218.342.2757.6 Q 17.5
0.73818.752.3258.919R 19
0.74618.952.3459.5 91819.5
0.75419.152.3760.220S 20.25
0.7719.562.4261.4 T 21.5
0.79420.172.4963.4 10½2223.25
0.80220.372.52642410¾V 24
0.81820.782.5765.3 11¼W 25.25
0.83421.182.6266.6 11¾X 26.5
0.8521.592.6767.82812¼Y 27.75
0.85821.792.768.5 12½Z2628.5
0.866222.7269.12912¾ 29
0.87422.22.7569.73013 2729.75
0.88222.42.7770.4 13¼Z1 30.5
0.8922.612.8713113½  31
0.89822.812.8271.73213¾Z2 31.75
0.90623.012.8572.3 14Z3 32.25
0.91423.222.8772.93314¼  33
0.92223.422.973.6 14½Z4 33.5
0.9323.622.9274.23414¾  34.25
0.93823.832.9574.83515  34.75
0.94624.032.9775.5 15¼  35.5
0.95424.23376.13615½  36.25
0.96224.433.0276.8 15¾  36.75
0.9724.643.0577.43716  37.5

Your jewelry can be kept looking new if you follow a few simple guidelines: Avoid contact with bleach, soap, perfume, cosmetics, hairsprays, etc. Also, take your jewelry off at night and store it in a jewelry box with compartments that keep pieces from rubbing against each other.

18 Karat gold is more pure, meaning it contains a higher percentage of gold. Pure gold is 24-Karat (24K), 18-Karat gold is 75% pure, and so on.


Percentage of Pure Gold

Fineness (BIS Hallmark)