Ruby July BirthstoneRuby Gemstone Facts, Color, Cost, Astrological Benefits

Ruby gemstone is for the Sun that is the ruler of all the other planets. Thus the importance of #ruby stone in achieving the power of command, leadership quality, grand lifestyle, and spirituality is unparalleled.

History of Ruby Gemstone

Ruby Gemstone Histroy

The ruby gemstone's history dates back to ancient times. Since then Ruby has been a prized possession. While ruby is called “Nataraja” in Sanskrit meaning the king of gems, this precious gemstone is mentioned several times in the Bible.

We can find the mention of ruby and why is a ruby gemstone considered to be a solution in several ancient Indian scriptures. We are recasting a few below -

? Phrase (chapter 2, verse 21, pages 35-36) from Parichad Jataka describes the #ruby gemstone as - “Top quality and flawless ruby is the gem for the Sun, natural pearl for the moon, red coral for Mars, #emerald for Mercury, yellow sapphire for Jupiter, diamond for the venus, blue sapphire for Saturn, hessonite for Rahu ( ascending lunar node) and cat’s eye for Ketu (descending lunar node).”

? In Hindu mythology - Garuda Purana and Agni Puraan describes the importance of ruby stone as “Pure, flawless gems have auspicious powers which can protect one from demons, snakes, poisons, diseases, sinful reactions, and other dangers, while flawed stones have the opposite effect.”

"A gem free from all impurities and radiating its characteristic internal luster should be looked upon as an escort of good luck; a gem which is cracked, fissured, devoid of luster, or appearing rough or sandy, should not be used at all."

From several pieces of evidence we find that the ancient Indian people used #ruby #gemstone to live in harmony with their enemies. In 600 AD the Burmese warriors used to keep ruby gemstones with themselves to gain victory over their opposition. In ancient China also, ruby stones have always been given high value and were used to harness the noblemen in China. It is also believed that ruby stones were laid beneath the buildings’ foundation to achieve good fortune in the construction.

Ruby Gemstone Colours And Information

Ruby Gemstone Color

The original ruby #gemstone colors usually include dark pinkish-red to pure pomegranate red color. The name ‘ruby’ is originated from a Latin word ruber means red. Its color varies due to the presence of a variety of corundum in it.

Ruby stones #jewellery has the power to bring lively energy and positivity to the wearer. It is extremely efficient in the vital recreation of a person.

Ruby is also known as the stone of manifestation and it helps in keeping good health and prosperity.

Ruby is one of the four most precious stones including diamond, emerald, and sapphire. Sunrise Ruby - a rare and extremely expensive variation of ruby stone is the most expensive gemstone in the world other than a diamond.

Ruby Gemstone Structure And Cuts

Ruby Gemstone Shape & Cut

Ruby is itself an expensive gemstone, but the structure in terms of the cut of the natural stone is one of the first-hand factors that influence its price as well as its overall beauty, clarity, and appeal. Ruby gemstone structure is primarily dependent on how it is cut and polished. Here we have defined a few of the most common and popular ruby stone cuts.

? Princess Cut

This one is the most expensive #cut and the stone looks most appealing. This exact square shape offers the stone excellent clarity and amazing polish. Moreover, the princess cut disparate most of the inclusions and impurities of the stone.

? Oval Cut

Symmetrically cut oval shape #ruby stone resembles the shape of an egg and looks decorous to choose for an engagement ring.

? Cushion Cut

Cushion shape ruby stone appears with a square cut with rounded corners. This cut is another perfect pick for an engagement ring due to its soft, decent look and royal feel.

? Pear Cut

A pear shape ruby stone is shaped like a teardrop with a rounded end and a pointed top. This one is more popular in #precious fashion ruby stone jewelry designs.

Where To Get the Best Ruby Gemstone

Ruby is a naturally occurring gemstone that is chemically composed of Aluminium oxide (Al2O3), Iron and Chromium. The presence and percentage of Chromium in the structure give it the natural color ranging from dark pinkish-red to blood red.

So, where #ruby gemstone is found? Top-quality ruby stones are mined in India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, South Africa, and Tanzania. Thailand is also one of the good sources of natural ruby, though the color of the Thai rubies is very dark, almost violet in color. Some other places of ruby stone mining include Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Pailin and Samlout District of Cambodia, China, Japan, Brazil, Mexico, Madagascar, Tanganyika, Namibia, Colombia, Scotland, and Australia.

How Does Ruby Gemstone Help The Wearer

Ruby gemstone is not only popular for its amazing color or clarity, but for how does ruby gemstone help and bring benefits for the wearer. The best ruby gemstone experience one may have is like this -

? It attracts name, fame, prosperity as well as soaks up the #leadership qualities

? This gemstone is a protective gem that offers cured health, strength, and safety

? It inspires creativity, content, and love and put forward good luck, spirituality, and self-assurance

? It also helps in promoting and developing mental strength as well as improves blood circulation in an individual

? When men wear a ruby stones jewelry, it signifies manhood and nobility

? A woman wearing ruby gemstone invokes passion and power

Ruby Stone Mantra

As this stone has multiple #astrological benefits, one must know when to wear ruby gemstone as well as the pranam mantra to get the maximum benefit from it.

It is recommended to wear the ruby stone in the early morning during the Shukla Paksha while chanting the mantra -“Om Suryaya Nama”

Substitute Stones for Ruby

As this gemstone is very expensive, people often look for ruby gemstone alternatives. Though not as beneficial as ruby, the best possible substitutes for ruby stone are Red Garnet, Rubellite, Red Onyx, and Tiger Eye Stone.

Ruby Gemstone Authenticity

Ruby Gemstone Facet

To achieve the best benefits of the king of gems, or to simply get the true worth of the expensive ruby stones jewellery, make sure to check the ruby #gemstone authenticity while buying.

1. Vibrant Colour

Real ruby gemstone colors range in deep, rich scarlet and blood-red shades. Pure ruby color is bright, and brilliant while synthetic or fake ruby might have a light and dull tone of red. It is as simple as “the darker the tone the true the quality.”

2. Distinguish Between Ruby & Garnet

Ruby is often mistaken for garnet due to their similarity in their color. Though ruby and garnet have a very similar color tone, they are entirely different in structure.

So, how to distinguish between these two ravishing red stones? Here’s how -

√ Both ruby and garnet are refractive in nature, but ruby is twice as refractive as #garnet

√ If we move ruby towards the light, ruby looks blurry and conjures up kaleidoscopic colors while garnet looks clearer and creates an image of a single set of colors

√ When kept in front of a source of strong light, ruby displays red and blue colors while garnet will display yellow and green

3. Too Perfect? Fake!

Real gemstones are naturally formed as minerals underneath the ground and deep within the caves. Hence one can expect tiny imperfections - a line or a black spot - found within the gemstone. One can examine these using a 10x time magnifier if you want to see the flaws minutely with your naked eyes.

Fake stones are flawless since the imperfections found in real rubies are hard to imitate. However, one must keep in mind while purchasing any ruby stone ring that any flaw is excusable except for bubbles.

Many are there who over time have tried to imitate the structure, shape, and #dazzle of gemstones using a glass material but failed. Bubbles usually form as the glass cools down and this is a good indicator if one is holding a glass and not a stone.

4. Scratch The Surface

Together with Sapphire, Ruby is a gem of the mineral conundrum. And what exactly is Conundrum, and why is it even mentioned here? You may wonder and ask. Well, a conundrum is just a few seconds to become diamonds.

The best way to ascertain and how to test ruby gemstone at home if a #gemstone is #truly a ruby or not or an imitation of a different stone, or the ruby gemstone characteristics, is just by scratching the surface using your nail, or a stone, coin or anything else. Note that Ruby is second to diamonds in hardness and this means that only a diamond is capable of forming a scratch a ruby.

These are the ways one can tell if it's a real Ruby and also distinguish it from other imitations. However, if there’s any doubt regarding any ruby gemstone buyers, one can always get their opinions cleared from a certified Gemstone seller or jewelers to ascertain the ruby gemstone authenticity.

Ruby Stone In Indian Astrology

Ruby Healing Properties

Ruby stone in India is popular and goes by the name Manikya or Manik. It is one of the principal gemstones of Navaratna, the nine popular gems. Ruby comes in various shapes and colors and the stone quality can be determined by its clarity and color. The most valuable and brightest rubies are known as ‘Pigeon Blood’. The July birthstone is a Ruby, and wearing the birthstone brings fortune to its owner. A natural ruby is free from imperfections such as impurities, dark spots, sandy appearances, and webs.

As per Indian Astrology, Manik is ruled by the Sun and the rings are worn to make the presence of Sun stronger in a horoscope. Sun, the ultimate source of power and energy on Earth, the powers are magnified if the owners wear Ruby. Most importantly, the Sun signifies enthusiasm, life, energy, confidence, passion, vigor, and happiness which impacts human lives. One can feel the changes in their lives after wearing the ruby gemstone for good luck.

However, before purchasing or wearing the rings, consult with a certified jeweler since it has both positive and side effects ruby gemstone, which needs to be determined earlier. These effects depend upon the sun's position in your birth chart houses.

Ruby Gemstone Prices And Benefit

The Ruby Gemstone prices in India starts around at RS. 1000 per carat and may go up to even RS. 50, 000 per carat depending upon the color, clarity, cut, quality, and shape. But how does ruby gemstone help? Let’s take a quick look into the ruby gemstone benefits.

1. Ruby gemstone experience: This gemstone is known to encourage career growth and increase leadership skills. It also helps the person against negative energies and evil spirits.

2. Ruby gemstone for money: Wearing this gemstone will bring a person fame, name, and popularity and helps in building their desired career. It also helps in increasing creativity and self-confidence.

3. Ruby gemstone for health: As per the Indian Astrology, it helps in removing depression and fear and after wearing it, one can observe increased passion and self-confidence in life.

4. Ruby gemstone for wealth: It works great for people working in the fields of Politics, medical, geologists, cloth trader, engineering, the law profession, and stockbroker.

5. Ruby #gemstone for marriage: A good quality Ruby stone should be worn by couples who are facing trouble and difficulties in their paradise, as it will help in bringing positive changes in their life.

Ruby Stone in Jewellery

It is strong can be said that the importance of ruby stone can improve communication and spread positive thinking, provoke harmony and love in the wearer’s life.

Disadvantages Of Wearing a Ruby Gemstone

There are non-certified astrologers who tend to make fool of others by suggesting purchasing a #Ruby stone. Wearing Ruby can lead to an increase in emotional turbulence and eventually lead to being hurt and fooled. Therefore, it is important for one to take advice before wearing one to avoid adverse effects to the wearer.

Wearing Ruby Gemstone For All Zodiac Signs

The Ruby gemstone contains the powers of the Sun and hence it influences the lives of the wearer by transferring the Sun’s enriched properties to the wearer.

Being so beneficial and powerful there are a few people who can actually enjoy the ruby gemstone benefits. Before wondering who can wear a ruby gemstone or when to wear a ruby gemstone, let’s take look into the details of the zodiac signs suitable for Ruby.

? Ruby Gemstone for Aries: enhances the promotion chances in a job and also deviates the mind towards positive thinking.

? Ruby Gemstone for Taurus: proves average for Taurus. One can wear it during a major period of crisis or Mahadasha.

? Ruby Gemstone for Gemini: an ascendant of Gemini may wear this stone while the major period of the sun after seeking the advice of an astrologer.

? Ruby Gemstone for Cancer: The ascendant of this zodiac should avoid wearing this stone because the ruler of this sign does not share a good relationship with Sun.

? Ruby Gemstone for Leo: It is the birthstone of this sign and offers great fortune, health, prosperity, and wealth in a career.

? Ruby Gemstone for Virgo: It will neither cater good or bad results for Virgo.

? Ruby Gemstone for Libra: The ascendant of Libra can wear during the major period of the sun.

? Ruby gemstone for Scorpio: Reinforces the financial condition and spread happiness and love in the married life.

? Ruby Gemstone for Sagittarius: It will bring about enhanced longevity, confidence, creativity, enthusiasm, and wisdom.

? Ruby Gemstone for Capricorn: Not advisable for Capricorn to wear Ruby and should refrain them from wearing.

???? Ruby Gemstone for Aquarius: natives of Aquarius should not wear this stone.

? Ruby Gemstone for Pisces: Pisces should consult to an astrologer before wearing this stone avoid negative impact in life.


Are you confused with where to buy ruby gemstone? We got you covered.

But remember, before wearing this stone a person should talk to an astrologer about the positive and negative effects of the ruby gemstone.

If you believe in astrology, check your ruby compatibility and ruby stones jewellery recommendation from a certified astrologer and shop the best quality astrological ruby stone online.

If you are not a believer in astrology, you can own different ruby studded jewelry to give your jewelry collection a new dimension. Find the traditional and contemporary ruby stone jewelry designs online here.

Ruby Gemstone

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